Withdrawal Policy
As a customer you have a period prescribed for a withdrawal period of fourteen days without mentioning the reason of the cancellation, consumers would then face only the costs whatsoever of the product when exercising their right of cancellation. Leathers and Jewellery Tassos Malandris will refund your money (without the shipping costs) within 14 calendar days since the day that the costumer has reported his withdrawal.
Necessary conditions on the right to access a withdrawal policy are: The items should not have been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn (other than to try the item on) and that any labels or tags should be intact. Also all the returned items should be in a perfect condition as it was in the delivery time without damage, without showing any defect (with prejudice to refund rights of a defective product) full product should be inside the package (mostly for the products that are delivered in a special package -such as fragile products- in case of returning transport they should be closed with special attention in their package) while all our parcels contain a pre-printed return form for you to use if you decide to return any items. Any item that is purchased from us and shipped to you by an external party or brand and needs special package must be returned in accordance with the instructions included without being violated or has a destroyed outer package.

Cancellation Policy or Product Return
In the case of a costumer not being happy with his order or it’s been a wrong product in his order, has the right to return it within 6 days since the day he bought it. The items should not have been damaged, soiled, and that any labels or tags should be intact in the outer package.
In the case of not returning the order within 6 days our company Leathers and Jewellery Tassos Malandris cannot accept the return and so the replacement
Please bear in mind that if you want to return the items to us by any other method, we are entitled to charge you any direct costs we may incur to collect the items by that method, you will not get charged in case of wrong delivery.
After examining the returned item from the company Leathers and Jewellery Tassos Malandris, we will inform you whether you have the right to a refund.
In any occasion of a returned product or replacement it must be accompanied with all the records such us Vat and receipt.
After examining the returned item, we will inform you whether you have the right to a refund. The refund will be by retuning your money in your credit card.
Your refund will not be issued in the form of original payment, such as pay on delivery, but it will deposit on your bank account. (Shipping and handling costs are not refundable)
The company Leathers and Jewellery Tassos Malandris has the right to modify, included all off the above terms, prices and the description of the products or even temporarily disrupted or permanently the whole or part of the products without mentioning this to its users.

Returning Policy/ Cancel
You can cancel your order in the following cases:
Before placing your online order click on the check box «Cancel» which is located down in the center of your screen. By clicking on this option your order is automatically cancelled.
If your order has already shipped and can’t be modified, but you haven’t got the package yet you can contact the seller in +30 and one of our partners will cancel your order.

Withdrawal- Return/ Product Replacement
The withdrawal deadline expires 14 calendar days after the day of the delivery. You may exercise your right of withdrawal by notifying Leathers and Jewellery Tassos Malandris by e-mailing to inform us with a statement of your decision to withdraw the order.
If you withdraw from this Contract, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery charges and the proof of the purchase. The returned products shall be in a very good condition and the outer packaging should not be destroyed they can’t be washed used or taken of their label. The procedure of withdrawal is taking place within 14 days from the day on which we were informed of the withdrawal. In any event, you will be charged any refund fees for the products.
Returns of products are acceptable only if the costumer has paid the shipping costs for the refund of his order. Immediately the company is obligated to refund any of the money you have paid for the order (without including any extra costs on delivery) without any unjustified delay the company must deposit the refund money to your bank account. Neither of the above options implies any additional cost to you. You are responsible for any price deduction for the returned products as a result of the use of the package you have received.

Return/ Product Replacement
You may exercise your right of return in cases of a defective product or in case of wrong order (for example if you have received another product that to what you have ordered).
For the return of the product shall fulfill the following requirements:
1. Returning a product can only be acceptable in any 14 days from the day of receiving the package.
2. The product must have been bought only from our E-shop.
3. The defective product is replaced either with the same product or another in case of an agreement.
4. Consumer has the right of asking a refund without explaining why.

Return procedure:
1. You have to contact us by e-mailing or by calling to specify the returning details. When you are communicating with us you have to know the purchase receipt number and the product code.
2. You have to send a photo of the product you want to return by e-mailing us so that after examining the returned item, we will inform you whether you have the right to a refund.
3. Pack the product so that it will be protected while it’s being shipped.
4. In the case of defective items or in a case of a wrong order you send back the package with the courier that we will recommend you, using the customer number and the shipping costs will be paid by our company.

*Please take a note that the shipping costs the paid amount will be refunded in full including delivery charges and any other reasonable costs only if there is a case of wrong order or detective product. In any other case the shipping costs will be charged on the costumer.
**Returning procedure takes at least 10 working days.